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Updated:  Friday, January 19th, 2024

The video lessons archived on The Paramedic Coach ® website, are from my own personal experiences working in the field of EMS and are meant to be a supplement to your EMS education as a study tool.

The video lessons on The Paramedic Coach ®, which contain my tips and insights, are not intended to replace any current protocol you currently work under. When accepting these terms of use and privacy policy, you accept that The Paramedic Coach, LLC  is not liable or responsible for any patient or provider outcomes from utilizing this content. 

The Paramedic Coach ® doesn't guarantee Any Student Results, Pass Rates, or success with the Video Program including the "NREMT Accelerator. The NREMT is not at all affiliated with The Paramedic Coach, LLC or the NREMT Accelerator Program, following the study plans, communicating in the study groups, and completing your study plans give you the best chance at success.

You agree that you cannot take legal action in any form against The Paramedic Coach, LLC for utilizing, referencing, or learning from this website, this includes all videos, content, and email and Messenger conversations. 

These videos are considered to be a helpful supplement and do not take the place of formal EMS training or instruction. 

You agree that any email contact with The Paramedic Coach, LLC including any feedback is to be used at your own risk. 

The Paramedic Coach, LLC is not responsible for any illness, injury, or death resulting in utilizing the content of my videos. 

By signing up as a paid member ($147.00/one-time) you agree to a payment of $147.00/one-time USD to The Paramedic Coach, LLC and will then have access to all the video lessons contained on this website. 

If you have purchased the program, there are no refunds. Purchasing the program, watching videos, then days, weeks or months later asking for a refund can be deemed as intellectual theft. 

You agree that once your payment is submitted and you gain membership access, your payment is final and No Refund will be given. There are no exceptions. 
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